Actions vis-à-vis society as a whole

Society’s call for greater sustainability expressed itself in various ways in recent months. Possibilities were sought to make the banks more sustainable, as were methods for leading savers and investors towards sustainable solutions.

Sustainability report 

In recent months, the quest for a sustainable and vigorous financial sector at the service of people, society and the economy was given shape in the work relating to the CSR report that formed the basis of this strategic agenda exercise. Visit the website:

The financial sector’s very first sustainability report endeavours to explain the social role of the financial sector in an honest and nuanced manner. It discusses 22 themes that affect the core of the Belgian banking sector, split up into the headings “prosperity”, “good governance”, “people”, “products” and “daily life”. The themes have been addressed as questions that society asks itself about the financial sector. Some of the questions are:

  • what is the role of the financial sector in the economy?
  • how does is the financial sector working on stability for the future?
  • how does the financial sector support the economy and society?
  • how is good governance translated with regard to the financial sector?
  • are the risks banks take socially responsible?

The sustainability report is a project of the Social Platform NGOs, one of the three platforms established by Febelfin to restore trust in the financial sector. (The other two are the Consumer Platform and the Corporate Financing Platform.)

Sustainable products

The search for ways to help savers and investors opt for more sustainable savings, investments or credit was given concrete shape at the beginning of 2013 with the website This website lists all the investment products, savings products and credits that are marketed as “sustainable” or “socially responsible” on the Belgian market.

Each product must satisfy the conditions of the recommendation drawn up by Febelfin for its members. This recommendation sets out the minimum quality and transparency requirements that are to guarantee the sustainable nature of the products.

With this website, consumers have a handy tool for checking easily and quickly whether a product’s implementation ties in with their personal vision.

The various sustainable products can be consulted at