Commitment 4: Financial institutions will continue to play their role in society

Executive summary

  • The financial sector has a social role to play vis-à-vis its employees, its customers and society as a whole.
  • Banks must listen to them and try and respond to their grievances, insofar as they are realistic and reconcilable with the healthy management of financial institutions.
  • Various initiatives, such as the voluntary moratorium on particularly complex financial products, are aimed at protecting customers. Others, such as the Codes of Conduct, are designed to optimise the relationship between the banker and his customers.
  • With the care programme, banks are trying to help people faced with unexpected financial difficulties. The awareness-raising campaign “Talk to your banker” tries to convince people to quickly look for solutions to their financial problems together with their confidential advisor.
  • The sector also took various initiatives to increase the transparency and knowledge of the banking world and financial products. At consumers can find all manner of information about payments, savings, loans, investments and banking, explained clearly and simply. The site in turn clearly indicates which products in the sector meet the criteria for sustainable investment, saving or lending.
  • Banks are investing heavily in training so that their staff members can provide customers with even better service.
  • The sector is throwing itself wholeheartedly into the “war for talent” because open-minded, motivated people must help the sector in the radical transformation the banks are going through. Candidates can visit, which lists current vacancies in the financial sector.